How to find the best places with early season snow

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Want to know how to avoid the crowds, get great deals on accommodation and fit in an extra ski holiday each year?

Well you need to start skiing early in the season and here are 5 steps on how to find the perfect place to ski early in the year.

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1. Investigate the USA

Traditionally it snows much earlier in the USA, especially in Colorado, than in Europe. Typically the ski resorts get their first snowstorms early in September & October and the snow just keeps coming!

2. Check which resorts open when

The earlier the opening date, the better the snow is likely to be in ski resorts before the Christmas rush. In Colorado many ski resorts open in November and there is always great excitement & huge competition as to who can open their lifts first and get those mad keen skiers on the slopes. Loveland & Arapahoe Basin can open as early as October and most of the major resorts like Breckenridge & Vail open in November.

3. Altitude

Check the height of the resorts you're thinking about visiting. What is the base, mid station and top station elevation? Breckenridge for example has a base elevation of 9600 feet or 2926m. The higher the resort,  better the early season snow tends to be.

4. Runs

Check how many ski runs are open during the first week of the season? Is there just one  run that opens on the first day and does is stay just that run for the first week? Probably not exactly what you are looking for...Even if there is only one lift is slated to open, make sure that there are several runs serviced by that lift so that you still get a variety of runs on which to make your turns. Preferably choose a resort which has 2 or more lifts open on the first day.

5. Snow

Check the snow record of the resorts you're interested in. What is the average snowfall for each resort? Does it stay consistent year after year? Ideally you're looking for an average snowfall of 300 plus inches a year. Also look at consistency and whether snow tends to fall regularly throughout the season - that will help you know you are onto a winner when you book your early season skiing holiday.

Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to get that extra ski trip in before the festive season!

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