Fun family non-skiing winter activities / things to do on your ski trip!

Often our clients ask us for ideas for winter activities, which are fun to do for anyone staying in ski resorts, whether it be families looking to spend memorable time with their kids, couples celebrating with a romantic get away or a group of friends, looking for excitement!

Some people just like to have a day off from skiing & try a new non-skiing activity. Others like to ski a bit & enjoy several other family friendly snow adventures during their time in the mountains. Sometimes, particularly with an extended family group, there are one or more non-skiers, who still want to have things to do while everyone else is off skiing.

Some activities are serene & allow you to take in the beauty of the mountain scenery, such as sleigh rides, others are more daring, such as tubing or snowmobiling.

Whatever you're looking for there's a great variety of ski resort activities to do instead of skiing, so relish your time in the glorious mountains!

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We hope this has been given you some fun ideas of things to do on your next ski trip, other than skiing.  The mountains bring us so much joy in so many different ways. Whichever pursuit you choose, make the most of your time in the beautiful scenic mountains, take lots of pictures & create fantastic memories!

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We will help you find the dream winter trip for your family or group by giving you expert advice and saving you time & effort.

Happy Skiing & Snowboarding or whatever other fun activities you choose to do!

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