Why do we love to ski in the USA?

"The powder!" you hear the locals cry.

And yes the knee to thigh deep fluffy powder snow is incredible, but there are all sorts of other elements to the USA ski experience which bring visitors flocking to Colorado & other American ski resorts, from all over the world. Colorado in particular is famous for its "bluebird" blue sky days with wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. All over the USA, the ski resorts offer wide open pistes giving beginners more time & space to make that turn, intermediate bowls to help you progress in the powder, and in bounds off piste skiing for more advanced skiers there's something for everyone...

Will you love it too?

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Snow, snow, snow:

So what's the skiing like?


Ski lifts & slopes:

Bigger & better!

Well they say everything is bigger in the USA and to some extent it's true:

We hope that this gives you an idea of what the skiing is like in The States and why so many people consider the American ski resorts some of the best in the world!

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